Corporate donation matching is a program in which companies match the charitable contributions made by their employees. The aim of corporate donation matching is to encourage employees to give to charitable organisations and causes by amplifying the impact of their donations.

By offering to match employee donations, companies not only help to promote charitable giving, but also demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility and community involvement.

What Is Employee Giving? 

Employee Giving, also known as workplace giving, is a practice which sees employers encourage and support their employees to give back to good causes and non profits through a range of dedicated workplace campaigns or incentivised schemes.

What Is CSR? Blog Post

What Is CSR? 

CSR is an acronym for the increasingly important and popular business practice of Corporate Social Responsibility. CSR can be practised by organisations of all sizes, and is concerned with promoting a more ethical approach to business, in which the organisation in question takes a rigorous approach to philanthropy, the environment, social issues and charitable giving.

With Spring in the air, there’s never been a better time to dust off your ESG strategy and breathe a little life into its ambition. In all honesty, time invested in improving your organisation’s approach to ESG and sustainability is never wasted – but 2023 is the year that we certainly predict it paying particular dividends.

By now, the vast majority of switched-on businesses have recognised the value and importance of ESG. From encouraging investment to boosting employee engagement, the benefits that a solid ESG strategy brings (beyond simply making the world a better place) are considerable.

Whatever the size, industry and ambitions of your business, there are plenty of reasons for your organisation to get a headstart on their ESG performance this year. All trends suggest that ESG is growing in importance as an indicator of business health. An impressive ESG report can be an excellent demonstration of the positive progression you’re seeing holistically, across many areas of your business.

Many of us start the new year with a sense of renewed purpose and optimism. January is a great time to harness that sense of motivation and take action to review your company’s approach to ESG and sustainability – but as with any company-wide initiative – if you don’t have your team fully onboard with your ESG strategy, chances are you’re not going to optimise your potential for success…

As we close out another year and get ready to turn over a new leaf in 2023, what ESG KPIs should businesses be focused on in the year ahead? One thing is for certain – the need for businesses to pay close attention to the way that they are monitoring their ESG performance in 2023.

The need to track and report on ESG factors will become increasingly mandatory year on year, so the smartest operations will be looking to get a head start on the aspects of strategy that make the biggest impact, while they are still a differentiating factor!

In the last few years, businesses of all shapes and sizes have come to recognise the rising importance and impact of ESG. With the public and professional focus on Environment, Social and Governance factors rising, many organisations are choosing to double down on their strategic approach here – but what does success look like in terms of the key data points that your business should be measuring and reporting upon?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Or at least, it should be. Increasingly, the holidays are becoming a time of overconsumption, excessive damage to the environment and exploitation of workers – not at all in keeping with the spirit of the season!

At KindLink, we support businesses who are committed to ongoing ethical and environmental improvement via dedicated ESG strategies. As a result, we thought we’d take this opportunity to share ten fantastic gifts that you can feel great about giving this holiday season.