CAF has been producing the UK Giving report since 2004, and has been tracking giving in the UK for
several decades. In that time, there have been a number of changes to how the study is conducted
in terms of approach and questions asked. This is the second year in which the research has been
conducted on the GfK National Omnibus.

CAF believes that philanthropy is a powerful tool for driving sustainability. Philanthropy enables
businesses to open a meaningful dialogue about their social values and aims with a breadth
of stakeholders - employees, customers, investors and wider society – in order to achieve
positive change.

The twin forces of mobile technology and online transactions have transformed most sectors over the past decade.

Find out more in one of the best charity industry reports we have read. Short and full of data and great points.

Corporate Giving describes the donations made by corporations and private companies towards charitable
causes. This can be in the form of a cash or in-kind gift to a charity or community organisation.

Exploring on the trends, challenges and opportunities facing mid-sized companies engaged in business and social good.

A whole new way of doing business is emerging for mid-sized companies. These companies are recognizing the value of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a tool to drive true community engagement, increase employee loyalty and improve business performance.

Civil society organisations in the UK exist to support a wide range of beneficiary groups, including people from the UK and across the world, animals and the environment. This means that trying to accurately estimate how many people benefit is challenging, and virtually impossible. Many UK-based organisations have a global reach, whilst the breadth of needs and interests met by civil society organisations makes it difficult to not be a direct or indirect beneficiary of their work. The estimates in the table below should be read with this caveat in mind.