An example of an impact report of Oomhp: An award-winning social enterprise dedicated to enhancing the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of older adults.

Fiver Children’s Foundation has issued a report on how they see their organisation making change in the world. A great example of Theory of Change implemented to measure social impact.

This practical guide draws on our work with clients and partners over several years to help organisations of all shapes and sizes think through the theory of change process from beginning to end.

A theory of change is a tool to help you describe the need you are trying to address, the changes you want to make (your outcomes), and what you plan to do (your activities). The approach can be used for organisations of all shapes and sizes—from service-delivery charities, to campaigning organisations, to founders.

Corporate fundraising is one of the areas where there is real potential for growth. While income from corporate fundraising has remained steady, and indeed grown, over the last few years, we know that it could do more. One of the striking figures from this report is that nearly all respondents believe that corporate fundraising is an area of growth for their organisations and two thirds are planning to increase investment in their teams.