Consumer Brands that demonstrate commitment to sustainability outperform those that don’t

Nielsen Report on 'The sustainability imperative New insights on consumer expectations' from October 2015

It’s hard to ignore the siren call to protect the planet. Or to remain unmoved by those facing increasingly poor living conditions across the globe. As a result, many consumers have adopted more sustainable behaviors. Others are working for or supporting organizations dedicated to social and environmental change. Consumers are trying to be responsible citizens of the world, and they expect the same from corporations. So when it comes to purchasing, they are doing their homework. Checking labels before buying. Looking at web sites for information on business and manufacturing practices. Paying attention to public opinion on specific brands in the news or on social media. “Consumer brands that haven’t embraced sustainability are at risk on many fronts,” says Carol Gstalder, SVP, Reputation & Public Relations Solutions, Nielsen. “Social responsibility is a critical part of proactive reputation management. And companies with strong reputations outperform others when it comes to attracting top talent, investors, community partners, and most of all consumers.”

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