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Some 20 million people volunteered in the UK in 2017/2018, according to our partner, the NCVO, with almost four in ten people doing so formally. That means that companies place more importance than ever on engaging with their employees through sourcing opportunities for them to volunteer. Employees, equally, have never been more interested in giving back to their communities. As such, we have decided to create an easy way for employees to use their time doing meaningful activities and for companies to source such opportunities - KindLink will do it for them!


Our offer


  • Sourcing tailored volunteering opportunities from registered non-profits (up to 5 employees per opportunity)

  • Online page with loaded opportunities for employees to sign-up, organise and promote

  • Charity and opportunity vetting

  • Volunteering Platform for managing every aspect of your volunteering


  • 1 tailored opportunity per quarter
    £300 per year

  • Up to 3 tailored opportunities per quarter
    £750 per year

  • Up to 5 tailored opportunities per quarter
    £1250 per year

  • Volunteering Platform only*
    £5000 per year


The KindLink Volunteering Platform offers multiple additional features to make volunteering in your organisation as easy and as engaging as possible. Some of these features include collecting & posting pictures, videos and stories from your employees; automated feedback forms for employees’ experience; document management for risk-assessments, receipts and H&S checklists; public profile to showcase the opportunities to future recruits;integrations with your existing internal comms systems; impact updates from the supported charity showcasing the projects you volunteered for; fundraising, matched giving and payroll giving. *Pricing might vary depending on the number of your employees.


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KindLink is the online platform where businesses and charities connect and manage their corporate social responsibility, fundraising, volunteering, donor Customer Relationship Management, and measure and share their sustainability impact.


KindLink is the network with purpose. KindLink helps companies manage and showcase their social impact programmes, and provides free tools that allow charities to raise more funds online and communicate their impact.

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