Charities – General

  • What is KindLink?

    KindLink is the first all-in-one platform specialised in small charities, created to make the charity sector more transparent and efficient. We have built CRM software with integrated payment recording and automated Gift Aid reporting in the cloud, so that you can access it from anywhere. We do not charge charities or donors for it. It is free.

  • Sorry, say that again. What do I get as a charity?

    As a charity user, you get access to our fully cloud-based, user-friendly CRM software (for donors and beneficiaries) and automated donations management tools with online payments and automated Gift Aid reporting. In time, we will add project management tools and integrations with the best innovative tech products for small charities, so that charities are free to do what they do best: make the world a better place.

  • How much does it cost?

    KindLink is and always will be free to use for charities.

  • What are the bank fees? Are there any other fees charged on the donations?

    We do not take any fees or commission from your donations - we believe charities very well know how to spend the funds they raise and we do not take anything for ourselves. We have a partnership with one of the biggest payment processing acquirers, Paysafe, which ensures the lowest fees and best payment terms on the market:

    1.3% flat for UK and EU debit and credit cards
    3.5% for AMEX (we can switch it off upon your request)
    Same prices apply for phone payments (available upon request and subject to additional review)
    145 currencies
    (coming soon) 1% for Direct Debit
    Taking payments outside the UK and EU is possible upon request (different bank fees apply)

  • How often do you pay out to the charity bank account?

    Every 7 days. In exceptional cases when your charity or non-profit is not registered with the Charity Commission and/or has a different non-profit status, our payment provider – Paysafe – might request to extend this period but we will keep you informed about this upon your registration.

  • So how do you make money?

    We’re not currently making any money! The software is free for charities.

    At the moment we’re focused on improving the product and spreading the word so that as many charities as possible can get the benefit of KindLink software. In time we plan to make money, and will do this by scaling up and building a marketing platform. Meanwhile, everyone is able to contribute to our costs and help us run our organisation. It will always be up to the donor if they want to make a contribution or not.

  • Why have you started KindLink?

    Our team is composed of people from the financial technology and charity sectors. We created KindLink to bring back trust and transparency to the charity sector and because we believe that more efficient charities that do not need to worry about their overstretched resources and lack of tools to successfully manage their work can focus on what they do best: help others and make the world a better place.

  • It all sounds great! How do I sign up to use KindLink?

    Just follow this link! It takes only a few minutes to set up an account with KindLink.

  • What info do you need from us? Is it going to be pages and pages of paperwork?

    We only need 5 pieces of information and you can start using the donor and beneficiary CRM, donation management services and Gift Aid reporting. Naturally, for our payment processing we and our payment partner Paysafe would request more information and perform additional security checks, but if you are a Charity Commission registered charity, you can be up and running in a couple of days!

  • How long does it take to register and start using KindLink?

    If you are a registered charity with the Charity Commission you can start using KindLink software straight away. Payment processing application will take around 2-4 working days. Start the process here, we look forward to working with you!

  • Are there any charities you cannot work with?

    Yes. We cannot accept charities that are established for and working solely on promotion of political and religious beliefs.

  • What about security?

    We keep our software, tools and libraries up-to-date with security standards and latest trends. To top it off we are applying an SSL Certificate (the green lock in your web address field) with TLS and strong cyphers for all our web services. We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), registration reference: ZA187358. Last but not least, we use secure payment processing channels and tokenisation of card details between us and our payment provider – Paysafe.

  • What about PCI Compliance?

    KindLink is PCI DSS compliant. For additional security we do not store any payment card data. That information is stored by our payment provider Paysafe Group, and in the case of Direct Debits, by GoCardless. Their systems and procedures are fully PCI DSS compliant as well as Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated.

  • What do you do with our data?

    We are registered with the Information Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and comply with this UK Data Privacy regulator’s rules on handling data. The data on KindLink is yours only. As per the data protection legislation, KindLink is the data processor and the client is the data owner and controller. In our T&Cs and Privacy Policy we reserve the right to aggregate and anonymise the data in order to showcase your great work to your donors and for benchmarking purposes. But the data will not be identifiable to any one organisation.

  • Who can log into KindLink to see our data?

    Your charity team-members you have invited to the platform. In different support cases our trained team can help you out with any data set related issues.

  • Can you process Gift Aid for us?

    Yes. Moreover, we will not only record the Gift Aid from a donor but automatically file it for you with HMRC.

  • How often do you do that?

    It is up to you! Thanks to KindLink, claiming Gift Aid will become effortless and can be done even on a daily basis if you like. We recommend you claim it once a week so that you don’t miss out on the valuable flow of cash.

  • Do I need to be a registered charity to join KindLink? How does KindLink know that my charity is eligible? What charities do you accept?

    We work with all non-profit organisations, except charities that are established for and working solely on the promotion of political and religious beliefs. If you are a registered charity with Charities Commission you should have no issues setting up with all features of our system. Other non-profit organisations might be subject to additional verification and security checks.

  • So why do I need to be verified?

    As your payment facilitator and PCI compliant enterprise it is mandatory that we verify who receives donations through us in order to make sure that people’s money goes to the right place.

  • I’m not a UK based charity. Can I still use KindLink?

    We would love to help you out! Please get in touch

  • Do you plan to expand to other countries?

    Yes. We will keep you posted! Register your interest here

  • How do I receive funding on KindLink?

    KindLink does not give grants to charities. We do much more than that! We give all charities the opportunity to showcase their work more transparently and be able to attract more funding.

  • What is the minimum donation?

    £ 0.50

  • What type of online donations do you process?

    Online card transactions, recurring payments and phone payments. We will be adding Direct Debit and alternative payment methods to the list very soon.

  • Can we claim Gift Aid on donations we receive?


  • We use another fundraising platform. Why we should use KindLink?

    KindLink is not a fundraising platform. Fundraising is just one of KindLink’s functionalities. We give the donor a tangible reason to donate more by showing them the impact of what their donation can achieve.

  • Can we use KindLink and another platform together?

    Yes, of course. Our donation and donor management systems allow you to record Gift Aided (or other) donations from other systems, as well as import and export your database for external purposes. We will still automatically file Gift Aid claims for you for free. KindLink is built for small charities, so if there’s anything that we can build to help you out, please let us know 



Charities – Support

  • What support do you provide?
    Can I cancel my account?
    Need help?

    We believe in what you do so we will do everything to get you up and running and help with any support enquiries. Once you have completed your registration you get a phone number you can call any time during the day. Meanwhile we aim to answer any enquiries within 24 hours. Email us.

  • Donation example

    £10 credit card donation with Gift Aid.

    Amount given by the donor £10.00
    Less bank fees - £0.13
    Plus Gift Aid on the donation + £2.50
    Total net amount retained by charity £12.37




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