Optimise Your Corporate Disaster Relief and Emergency Response

From natural disaster to humanitarian crisis, when tragedy strikes, our desire to respond is instinctive. As a business or corporation, KindLink gives you the tools you need to provide relief in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Effective Disaster Relief Fundraising Campaigns For Business
Addison Lee
Royal London
Rocksteady Studios
Red Letter Days
Knight Frank
Standard Bank
Royal Duch Shell
Redgate Software
Thomson Reuters
London Stock Exchange Group
"Our partnership with KindLink helped us focus our company’s efforts for our emergency humanitarian response in Ukraine. As part of the global matching campaign, we managed to raise EUR 1M for multiple non-profits, pulling in support from various sources. Connecting efforts around the world and making a real and thoughtful difference when it matters, enables us to enhance our positive social impact where it is most needed and relevant."
Carmen Butnariu
Sustainability & CSR Consultant, Endava

Maximise The Impact of Your Disaster Relief Response, With KindLink

From the terrible conflict in Ukraine to the devastating impact of earthquakes in Nepal – in the face of global emergency, many businesses and corporations feel compelled to dig deep and respond with help, donations and support. Increasingly – the public expects to see this from the businesses they choose to support.

In order to achieve the most positive impact, corporate responses need to be swift and strategic. By working with KindLink’s suite of powerful fundraising tools, you can ensure that your business is prepared to take decisive, effective action when global disaster strikes.

Corporate Emergency And Disaster Relief – Is Your Business Ready With A Rapid Response?

KindLink’s advanced corporate giving platform offers a complete suite of fundraising tools, empowering your employees to take action and enabling a cohesive, highly impactful response in the face of local, national or global emergency.

See how KindLink can help your Corporate Emergency and Disaster Relief efforts