Drive your Business Social Impact & CSR Programme forward with KindLink Consulting

We help businesses evaluate and build their social responsibility programme through our own consulting team and CSR specialists across the UK.

Why be a Responsible Business?

Engaged Employees

Engaged Employees

Energise your employees by making them more committed and proud to be working with you. By demonstrating your commitment to being socially responsible, you will attract higher calibre staff, reduce your turnover rate and build a positive team spirit and culture.

Increased Revenue

Increased Revenue

Today’s customers care about more than just the product. Socially responsible businesses attract more customers who are willing to pay higher prices. Get competitive advantage and ensure that you qualify for new business opportunities.

Engaged Employees

Reduced Costs

Being a responsible business will generate upbeat publicity and media coverage, as well as provide a rich source of heartening stories with no marketing expenditure. Save money on operating costs, reduce consumption rates and remove certain risks.

Responsible Business Pillars

Local Community and Social Action
Employee Relations and Wellbeing
Environmental Impact
Ethical Business Practices

Our Services

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation will ensure that we have a clear understanding of your needs and are able to provide you with the right support to move forward.

Assessing where you are

The ‘Gap Analysis’ will help establish a true and detailed picture of your current position, as well as provide information and insight about what is needed to build a robust and focussed plan.

Building Your Plan

This phase creates a roadmap and detailed ‘Deployment Plan’ for your responsible business initiatives.

Managing Your Plan

This phase ensures that all of the activities described in the plan are executed within the agreed timelines, budget and according to established quality standards.

Keeping Your Programme Going

For smaller organisations, or those with budget constraints, we can provide bespoke, flexible and cost- effective support to keep your programme going through our Responsible Business Shared Service.

Evaluating and Enhancing Your Project

This phase audits and evaluates key delivery elements of the plan to assess performance and build a meaningful improvement plan, if needed.

Responsible Business Shared Service

Your own Sustainability Officer for when you need one


Your own dedicated Sustainability Officer to be part of the team and build the programme over time.


Whether you need someone for 1 day/week for 3 months or 3 days/week on a permanent basis, we can help.


We will work with you to structure the most suitable schedule for your business needs.

An experienced Responsible Business Officer will work with your leadership or Responsible Business Champion helping to facilitate, coordinate and manage your day to day, or business as usual activities.

Making a good impact has a big impact on your business.
80% of young employees want to work for a socially responsible business and
55% of online consumers would pay more for your products.

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