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Business Profile on KindLink

Helping more than 1,000 UK charities

  • As an international charity, using as much money as possible toward field work is crucial to us. KindLink is 3 times cheaper than our previous provider.

    Elinor Middleton, Director
    Starfish Greathearts Foundation
    Starfish Greathearts Foundation

    As a small charity, savings are crucial to us, so we tried various donation providers before switching to KindLink; their service is by far the cheapest and simplest to use.

    Emma Nicoll, Fundraising Officer
    The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre
    The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre
  • I have looked at KindLink’s concept and whilst we haven’t used it ourselves, it looks like it could be a very impressive service for smaller charities.

    Andy Paterson, Digital Solutions Architect
    Cancer Research UK
    Cancer Research UK

    This is our first attempt at raising donations online and we were unsure about whether we should or not. Using KindLink made this very easy and during our first month we have raised more than £4,000 through our KindLink profile and project features.

    Wayne Harris, National Director
    Cross Teach Trust
    Cross Teach Trust
  • As a small international charity, we don’t have much time to spend on social media. Being able to post on KindLink and other networks with one click has made a massive improvement.

    Piers Langdon, CEO
    Action Ethiopia
    Action Ethiopia

    Without much technical background, I managed to embed KindLink’s beautiful donation form on my charity’s website in 10 minutes. As simple as that!

    Emme Creasman, Director
    Volunteering Moldova
    Volunteering Moldova
  • KindLink has a very user friendly interface, which aids even the most non tech of our team! The system has spurred our charity on to implement Giftaid which is seamlessly managed through KindLInk.

    Kim Cowman, Administrator, Trustee
    The Alkham Valley Community Project
    The Alkham Valley Community Project

The all-in-one charity platform

  • We do not take fees on your donations at any point

    We do not take fees on your donations at any point

    We do not charge any commission on the online donations you process through KindLink, only passing on the bank fees at 1.40% + 15p. This means you don’t waste money on fees and use it towards your great activities. Moreover, you can record any type of donations on KindLink, no matter whether you get a cheque in the post or equipment from a business partner.

  •  All your contacts in the same place

    All your contacts in the same place

    Keep track of your donors, volunteers and beneficiaries on the same platform. Be on top of your contacts: with KindLink, you can add and import unlimited contacts for free, search for and filter them, and be sure you know what your supporters have donated to, or want to know more about, with easy project associations.

  • Seamless Gift Aid claims any time you want

    Seamless Gift Aid claims any time you want

    With KindLink, you are just three clicks away from receiving your Gift Aid money in the bank. You can run reports and claim Gift Aid on all the online and offline donations any time you want and, thanks to our API integration with HMRC, you can be sure the claim is processed promptly and funds sent straight to your bank account.

  • Find great volunteers for all your initiatives

    Find great volunteers for all your initiatives

    We have partnered with the Do-it Trust so that you can manage all your volunteer opportunities, applications and relations in one place. Also, thanks to the integration, you can place a donation button on your Do-it profile – every donation counts!

  • Tell the world about your impact

    Tell the world about your impact

    Keep your individual and corporate donors engaged with inspiring stories of your activities and impact. With KindLink you are able to share stories on other social media too – you save time and ensure you reach as many people as possible.

  • Work knowing that your data is safe

    Work knowing that your data is safe

    KindLink uses PCI-DSS compliant payment processing services and is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Officer, following the Data Protection Act and utilises an SSL certificate. We are also approved and listed by the HMRC as a certified Gift Aid Agent and are already compliant with all GDPR regulations.

  • Accessible wherever you are

    Accessible wherever you are

    Built in the cloud, KindLink charity software is accessible from your office, home and even from your smartphone with no need of installation. You can also give access to your trustees to simplify communication with them and show your great work.

We believe in transparency

Save on your online donations

Charities on KindLink save on average 62% when compared to their previous providers. Calculate your online donation fees.

£0 to £0
with other services
Fees vary between 2% and 10%
with KindLink
You only pay the bank fees
up to £0
Money you can use towards your charitable work instead

This is an estimate based on an average online donation of £20. Other services' combined fees vary between 2% and 10% of the donation amount.
KindLink and the KindLink Foundation do not charge charities - only bank fees at 1.40% + 15p apply. Details here

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