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Sustainability is easily one of the defining issues facing businesses today. Resource scarcity, waste, and environmental impact are problems we can’t ignore. As a result, companies are under increasing pressure to find more renewable and environmentally friendly solutions. This is why an increasing number of businesses are changing how they work to try and enter the “circular economy.” 

Corporate donation matching is a program in which companies match the charitable contributions made by their employees. The aim of corporate donation matching is to encourage employees to give to charitable organisations and causes by amplifying the impact of their donations.

By offering to match employee donations, companies not only help to promote charitable giving, but also demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility and community involvement.

As more businesses place corporate social responsibility at the core of their operational activities, CSR has become something that requires dedicated planning, with close attention paid to both strategy and policy. 

The Growing Importance Of CSR In Business 

A proactive approach to CSR is an essential component to the success of modern day businesses. Growing public awareness of social and environmental issues and a rising number of brands answering the call to step up and do their part means that CSR in global supply chains and sustainability for corporates more broadly has become a high priority.