online donations

We recently published a post about compliance when accepting online donations for charities, and although online donations are the way forward in terms of donor preferences and fund security most non-profit organisations still accept other types of donations - such as bank transfers, cheques, cash, etc. - so it is time to discuss how charities would like to or should manage their donation records.

Every year charities claim more than £1 billion back from the HMRC as part of the Gift Aid scheme. The scheme has proved to be hugely successful as an additional income stream for non-profits and is a way to give donors a clear say on what their taxes (or at least part of them) should be spent on.

The digital era has brought many challenges to both business and non-profit sector. When it comes to fighting online fraud the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and other institutions (such as the Government) have made it their mission to protect consumers and donors from ill-mined companies, organisations and people.