UK GIVING: An overview of charitable giving in the UK during 2015

CAF has been producing the UK Giving report since 2004, and has been tracking giving in the UK for
several decades. In that time, there have been a number of changes to how the study is conducted
in terms of approach and questions asked. This is the second year in which the research has been
conducted on the GfK National Omnibus.

This year, we have reviewed the weighting applied to the UK Giving survey with GfK as part of
our ongoing analysis of the data set which aims continually to improve the accuracy of our data.
This reweighting has been applied for both years in which the survey has been conducted with
GfK, to ensure results are fully accurate of the population. As a result of this, some measures have
directionally, albeit not statistically significantly, varied on the previously reported figures for last year.
This has also led to a downgrading of the figure for the overall amount given to charity we reported on
last year, to £10.1 billion. We are confident that this amended weighting approach has now resulted in
a more accurate picture of the UK’s giving behaviour.

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