How to set up automated Gift Aid with KindLink

KindLink automated Gift Aid with HMRC

KindLink is a holistic solution for charities to help you run your operations. With KindLink your non-profit has access to a fundraising platform, project management system, charity CMR and much more. KindLink will help you engage with your supporters and make your impact more transparent.

One of the key features of KindLink is the Gift Aid claim functionality integrated with HMRC.

Claiming Gift Aid on KindLink is safe and completely free of charge. As one of the HMRC approved software suppliers we integrate directly with HMRC so that you claim Gift Aid any time you want and as simply as possible. This also means that the Gift Aid funds do not go through our bank account; the money is paid by the HMRC directly into your account. 

Through KindLink you can process your charity Gift Aid automatically. We will not only record the Gift Aid from a donor but automatically file it for you with HMRC. Your charity can determine how often we process Gift Aid. Thanks to KindLink, claiming Gift Aid will become effortless and can be done even on a daily basis if you’d like. We recommend you claim it once a week so that you don’t miss out on the valuable flow of cash.


There are two ways to set up your Gift Aid through KindLink.

  1. Automated process using your current HMRC Gift Aid credentials. Once you complete your charity registration with KindLink you can set up your Gift Aid settings using your HMRC login details directly from here - You will only need to do this once, as we will store them securely in our database and use them over a secure channel only for the purpose of reporting Gift Aid. This will allow us to automatically generate and file your Gift Aid reports to HMRC for the contributions recorded in the database. Filling the report directly to HMRC is easy and effortless. It only takes a click of a button. You can find video tutorial on our YouTube page -
  2. Filling ChV1 form to HMRC. The idea of filing a ChV1 form to HMRC is to inform them you authorise KindLink to deal with HMRC regarding Gift Aid processing for your charity. Once the form is filled and submitted HMRC will send us via mail unique login credentials (username and password) to your HMRC Gift Aid portal which we will manually enter into our system for you (please note these credentials will be different from the ones you are currently using). A detailed guide on how to complete the Chv1 form can be found here -

Please note that we are not a collecting agency. We are an organisation that you are nominating to submit Gift Aid reports on your behalf, and we won't collect the funds on your behalf. HMRC will still send them to you directly. With that said, when filling out the form, you should fill box #36 with our details and leave box #38 empty

 All the information related to KindLink for filling the ChV1 form is publicly available for you here -


ChV1 form KindLink

Adriano Mancinelli

Adriano Mancinelli

Head of Charities, KindLink

Adriano is KindLink's charity specialist, leading all activities from outreach and partnerships to development of the KindLink for Charity platform. Before founding KindLink, Adriano worked for 4 years within the charity sector, helping UK charities raise more funds for their valuable work.


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