The free alternative to BT MyDonate

The KindLink Charity platform: a free alternative to BT MyDonate

To all charities affected by BT MyDonate announced closure in June, we say: move from one free fundraising platform to another free fundraising platform: KindLink.

On Monday, BT communicated that the BT MyDonate platform will close on 30 June and therefore they will cease to support all the charities and fundraisers that are using the platform.

This is rather bad news. In the last 8 years, BT MyDonate helped around 12,000 charities raise millions of pounds. The platform was used especially by many small charities because it offered its services free of charge (passing on only transaction fees), ensuring that as much as possible went to their crucial work, rather than wasted in fees.

At KindLink, we understand how important it is to make sure all funds go to your work and we are proud to have developed our business model in a way that is has been and always will be free to all charities and nonprofit, in the UK and overseas.

The KindLink for Charity platform is free and open to nonprofit organisations - all you need to do is to register in about 20 seconds (25 if, like me, you have a long name and email address). The whole process is done online, with no paperwork or long processes. You can start fundraising immediately.

We take no fees on online donations that you raise through KindLink. We only pass on our bank’s transaction fees, at 1.45% + 10p, just like BT MyDonate used to do. Nothing added on top, and you get to keep all the Gift Aid funds.

Regarding Gift Aid: we have automated GA claims by integrating with the HMRC. With just a couple of clicks, you can review all the eligible donations and submit them to the HMRC via a secure API integration; the claim is promptly processed and the money sent to you directly. No redirecting funds to our accounts, no fees charged.

A £100 Gift Aided donation on KindLink means the charity receives £123.45. With JustGiving, you’d get to keep only £117.19.

And this is just part of it. With the KindLink for Charity platform, charities big and small get free access to:

  • Online Fundraising pages

  • Embeddable donation page within your website

  • CRM Databases for supporters, donations and beneficiaries

  • Automated Gift Aid reporting on both online and offline donations

  • Project Management tool integrated with social media suite

  • Volunteering Management tools integrated with the Do-it Trust

  • Enrolment to our Payroll Giving System for corporates

All at no cost. The director of one of the 800 charities using KindLink told us they are using our platform “because it is 3 times cheaper than our previous provider.”

We look forward to working with all the charities, no matter the size, who have been affected by BT MyDonate’s closure, to make sure they continue to enjoy free online donations and fundraising and keep as much money as possible for their valuable work.

Find out more here.

Adriano Mancinelli

Adriano Mancinelli

Head of Charities, KindLink

Adriano is KindLink's charity specialist, leading all activities from outreach and partnerships to development of the KindLink for Charity platform. Before founding KindLink, Adriano worked for 4 years within the charity sector, helping UK charities raise more funds for their valuable work.


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