KindLink Launches Free Individual Fundraising Pages

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Christmas has come early here at KindLink – we’re delighted to announce that we’ve launched our latest feature: free individual fundraising pages!

You can now easily create online fundraising pages to raise money for causes you care about. Donations are safely collected and securely processed, with all funds reaching the charities that you support. That’s right, KindLink will make no charge for this service. Our gift to you, and the good causes you care about.

How Will Our New Online Fundraising Pages Work?

When you’re looking to raise money for charity online, it’s helpful to have an online fundraising page to direct your donors towards. Did you know that online giving grew 21% during 2020?

Running a sponsored event? Need to raise emergency funds for a cause following a disaster? Want to raise donations for a charity you love instead of receiving birthday gifts? 

An individual online fundraising page is the perfect solution. KindLink’s new feature has been designed for speedy, easy set up – so you’ll be collecting donations in no time at all.

To create your page and start raising money, simply follow three simple steps:

  1. Submit your name and email address to unlock a new, dedicated page.

  2. Add all of the relevant information and details to your page.

  3. Share your page with the world to start collecting donations.


Learn more and get started here.


Why Use KindLink Individual Fundraising Pages?

A Trustworthy Donation Page

When you’re raising money online, it’s always best to use an official fundraising page. While your friends and family will no doubt have complete faith in your campaign, by using a third party, all donations will be securely collected and safely transferred directly to your supported cause.

Raise Money For Multiple Causes, Simultaneously

Looking to fundraise for a few different causes, all at the same time? We’ve seen that a lot of the kind-hearted people making an impact out there have this requirement, so we’ve made it a key feature of our service. This isn’t an option with a lot of other providers – so if you think it's a feature you’ll require, we’d definitely recommend creating your page with KindLink.

Tell Your Story

An individual fundraising page also means you have the opportunity to really spell out your motivation! Add in all of the relevant details, so that anyone landing on your page can see exactly why you’re raising money, and what their donations will help achieve!

Get Up And Running – Fast

KindLink’s individual fundraising pages have been designed so that set-up is fast and easy. In just a few clicks, you’ll have access to a new page, ready for populating and promoting! There’s no need to create a password, but everything will still be completely secure and accessible.

More Money Reaches Your Cause

Another big KindLink benefit? Our online fundraising pages are completely free. We don’t charge any fee for the hosting of the pages, or the handling of your donations. What does this mean? Well, apart from the small mandatory bank card fees from Stripe, every single penny that you raise will go to the cause you care about.


What Makes KindLink Individual Fundraising Pages Different?

When it comes to the services that KindLink provides, our individual fundraising pages are a completely new feature. While our standard business / team fundraising pages are a fantastic way for businesses to spearhead the charitable efforts of their employees and internal fundraising campaigns (enabling donation matching and more) our individual pages are tailored to the needs of the independent fundraiser – ready to help you collect donations and support your personal passions. 

How do we shape up to other fundraising page providers? With Virgin Money Giving closing down its service after 12 years, we believe we offer a fantastic replacement. Our bank fees are also lower than those associated with JustGiving, meaning more money reaches your chosen cause. 

At KindLink, we also go out of our way to ensure that the charities you support are well looked after. We offer them a wide range of completely free resources and tools, including valuable access to a Non-Profit CRM Platform, a marketplace where charities can request donations or volunteering assistance and a donor engagement platform that makes it easy for charities to share the great work that your fundraising is helping them accomplish.


Ready To Get Started With KindLink Individual Fundraising Pages?

Fantastic! We’re so excited to see this new feature get put to great use. If you’re ready to start fundraising, simply head over to our individual fundraising page, enter your details and start populating your page. You can be up and running in a matter of minutes, and your chosen cause will be notified by KindLink.

If you think this feature is something that you might have need of in the future, then please bookmark our individual fundraising page so that you have easy access to set up in the future.

We created this free feature in order to help members of the public raise money for great causes easily and efficiently – with the maximum amount of collected donations reaching the supported charities. As a result, we’d be so grateful if you could share the news of our free online fundraising pages to your friends, colleagues and family members.

Let’s make online fundraising easy, secure and effective for everyone.

Start collecting donations online today – with your free KindLink individual fundraising page!


KindLink Team


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