Supporting neonatal care in rural Uganda

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We have been working in Kisiizi Hospital in Uganda for over 2 months now and have seen how the hospital is providing good healthcare to some of the poorest people in the world, treating patients holistically. However, in order to keep the costs as low as possible for the patients, there is a lot of equipment not available to them which would routinely be available even in smaller hospitals in the UK. Therefore we have set up this fundraising page with the aim of buying and shipping two CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machines for the hospital. CPAP is vital to save the lives and lungs of premature babies here in Kisiizi such as the baby pictured above who Becky recently treated. CPAP is used to deliver constant air pressure into a baby’s nose, which helps the air sacs in their lungs stay open and helps prevent pauses in their breathing. We will also buy some neonatal saturation probes which will allow the babies oxygen levels to be reliably measured. The aim is to receive the machines before we leave so that Becky can train the other doctors in how to use them. The money raised will go via the UK based charity “Kisiizi Partners” which exists in order to support the hospital through regular salary support and projects such as this. Therefore, gift aid is possible on donations and the charity is regulated by the UK Charity Commission. Any money raised above the approximately £4200 required for the equipment and shipping will be put towards schemes to encourage people to access hospital services if they become unwell. Due to the cost-of-living crisis, many people are struggling just to buy food, so often have no money to pay hospital bills. This can sometimes mean they die in the community or that they wait until it is an emergency – by which time the health outcome is worse and the bill can end up being higher. For example, the money could help subsidise a particular service, or cover the medical bill of a patient unable to pay. The gift aid generated will be used by Kisiizi Partners for the other projects they have running aimed at helping the hospital provide affordable healthcare and supporting orphans in the communities around the hospital. Thank you so much for considering donating to this. This will help our most vulnerable population of premature babies have a better outcome, with healthier lungs and lives to fulfil. Much love, Tim and Becky

Kisiizi Partners

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