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Stove project looking at ‘improved cookstoves’, which create far less smoke than traditional 3 stone open fires; this clearly is vastly better for health, as well as using 50% less wood and less likely to cause bad burns. Kisiizi Hospital is now fitted with improved stoves throughout, so the focus now has turned to introducing more and more into the surrounding community.

Kisiizi Partners

Kisiizi Partners supports Christian hospitals in developing countries, primarily Kisiizi Hospital in south-west Uganda. Many larger charities and grant making bodies prefer to fund capital costs or other special projects, often stipulating that the money must not be used to meet day-to-day expenditure. Kisiizi Partners focuses on supporting the day-to-day running costs and encouraging the recruitment and retention of a skilled and motivated workforce. Kisiizi Partners supports hospitals with a proven track record for providing high quality healthcare in situations where there is a demonstrable funding gap between income and expenditure and a manifest desire to deliver that care to some of the World’s poorest communities at a cost that they can afford. Every penny given to the charity (excluding a small deduction made by the banks) is passed on to our partners in developing countries. Through 'Kisiizi Orphans' the charity also supports children who have lost one or both parents so that they can fully complete their education, both formal and vocational. This support often continues past the age of eighteen since before joining the scheme many have missed school to care for a sick relative or to help work on the land. See for more information or donate at other opportunities to help us here. Follow the latest events and trends in the philanthropy space hereCharity Registration No. 1079118

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