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The Story

Empower a girl to stay in school! So far we’ve helped almost 1000 girls by giving a pack of 4 pads, knickers and a wet bag! We like to do the same again this year, but we’ll need your help! £6 will pay for the materials and labour to make a pad pack. This gift will enable a girl to be safe and succeed during her period for the next 3 years! Many girls drop out of school when they start to menstruate. The cost of pads is too high and improvised alternatives (such as leaves or even ash) are unreliable and unsanitary. Many girls in this area do not even own knickers. Girls who have dropped out of school are vulnerable to early marriage/pregnancy and are without means to support themselves leading to child malnutrition. Target updated!

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"Such a great project to empower the young ladies in the Kisiizi district"

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