Andrew's 2024 Challenge

by Andrew Matthews

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The Story

Hello everyone, I hope 2024 is treating you well so far! Many thanks to all of you who supported me with generous donations for my 2023 monthly 24hr fast fundraising - nearly £500 was raised for some great charities which mean a lot to me. The fasts were actually quite difficult, but it was a good personal challenge for great causes. Now for 2024: what crazy fundraising challenge can I do this year? Well, firstly, which charities am I fundraising for this year? The Rainbow Room at St Mary's Hospital in Manchester, in relation to Sebastian, which provides invaluable support for parents who have suffered baby loss (for more info on this great charity, please see my long-term fundraising page; Tommy's, in relation to their vital healthcare support for bereaved parents and their future babies through very close pregnancy monitoring (in our case, Walter); The Woodland Trust, in relation to my son Walter's lung disease, who strive to reduce pollution and boost wildlife, in urban and rural areas, through the creation, protection and restoration of native woodland; Rewilding Britain, in relation to my passion for creating a wilder Britain to benefit nature, the climate and people; Viva!, in relation to my passion for improving animal welfare and increasing the sustainability of our food consumption; Royal Society For The Protection Of Birds, in relation to the fantastic nature reserve next door to my home which I am very fortunate to be able to volunteer at. So, what challenge will I be doing? Well, I did a water challenge in 2022 and a food challenge in 2023, so how about something related to another life essential, clothing. Therefore, I will be wearing a charity t-shirt (or hoodie, thanks Tommy's) throughout the entirety of 2024, 24/7/366...well, except when changing, washing or swimming :-) I've never been trendy anyway, so this will give me an excuse :-) This will include working (fortunately, I work from home) and any formal events that I'm invited to, such as weddings and christenings etc., so I hope the organisers will be ok with it, fingers crossed. If it's cold, or rather when it's cold, I will wear a jacket over the top, but I will keep the front open so that whichever t-shirt I'm wearing is still visible. Each charity has very kindly donated one or more t-shirts, and Tommy's also donated a great hoodie, so I can alternate (and wash) the items regularly. Any donations, whether £1, £10 or £100, will be greatly appreciated, by the six charities and me. Thank you in advance for your financial and/or verbal support! Wishing you all a peaceful and healthy 2024! Andrew

KindLink Individual Fundraising

TOMMY'S, Reg. Number: 1060508; MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY NHS FOUNDATION TRUST CHARITY, Reg. Number: 1049274; REWILDING BRITAIN, Reg. Number: 1159373; VIVA!, Reg. Number: 1037486; THE WOODLAND TRUST, Reg. Number: 294344; ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF BIRDS, Reg. Number: 207076;

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"Congratulations Andrew for your sustained effort in raising money for such worthwhile charities. Best Wishes Judith."

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