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St Ann's Hospice, St Ann's Road north, Heald Green, Cheadle, Cheshire, SK8 3SZ, United Kingdom

Registration number 258085


To promote the relief of illness or suffering by:- 1. the expert care and support of people with palliative and end of life needs 2. the provision of services to promote health and wellbeing for patients and carers 3. the care and support of...See more
Income 12,738,000Total income in the last financial year.
Expenditure £ 0Total expenditure in the last financial year.
Projects 0Number of projects currently being implemented.
Employees 223Number of staff employed in the last financial year.
Volunteers 798Number of people who volunteered in the last financial year.
Update Score 0Number of updates divided by the number of projects. The higher the number, the better!