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Solace Women's Aid

icon-location 2 Angel Square, Torrens Street, London, EC1V 1NY, United Kingdom

icon-charity Registration number 1082450

icon-phone 02076191350


For the benefit of the public, the relief of need by the promotion of the physical, emotional and psychological well-being and safety of victims of domestic, sexual and associated abuse, in particular women, young people and children
Income 11,586,962Total income in the last financial year.
Expenditure £ 11,626,761Total expenditure in the last financial year.
Projects 0Number of projects currently being implemented.
Employees 187Number of staff employed in the last financial year.
Volunteers 195Number of people who volunteered in the last financial year.
Update Score 0Number of updates divided by the number of projects. The higher the number, the better!