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icon-location Kidney Care UK, 3 The Windmills, St Mary's Close, Turk Street, Alton, GU34 1EF, United Kingdom

icon-charity Registration number 270288

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Kidney Care UK is the UK’s leading kidney patient support charity working to improve the quality of life for the 3 million people in the UK affected by kidney disease. Our vision is a better life for kidney patients, where patients can live their lif...See more
Income £ 1,345,583Total income in the last financial year.
Expenditure £ 3,300,736Total expenditure in the last financial year.
Projects 0Number of projects currently being implemented.
Employees 50Number of staff employed in the last financial year.
Volunteers 13Number of people who volunteered in the last financial year.
Update Score 0Number of updates divided by the number of projects. The higher the number, the better!