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Wave Cafe is a Charity which strives to create a truly inclusive community by bringing people with and without disabilities together through art, food and friendship. Wave Cafe is more than just a cafe. It's a safe place for people from the community to gather and a training hub for young people with learning disabilities who help to make our food and run the cafe and art projects. With a focus on 'With not for': - those identifying with disability or difference see themselves as a natural and valued part of the community. -Those with limited experience of learning disability see that being amongst difference benefits them too. We have run Wave Café events for long enough to know what works; everything we do is well received and receives great feedback. But the need is huge, and we have so far only scratched the surface. So we aim to achieve a step change this year to: -Offer a fuller and richer service for our existing community -Bring Wave Café and the societal benefits of genuine integration to a much larger local community -Establish Wave Café as a financially sustainable social enterprise We'll be doing this by: - Doubling the number of hours during which we are operating -Running the daytime café and arts events all year round, including during holiday periods -Doubling the number of people attending each day - Attracting new people to visit every day we open or hold an event - Increasing the variety of our events and art offerings to attract a broader community -Increasing the number of internships we offer for people with Learning Disability - Engaging local businesses and other corporates in supporting our work financially -Growing a community of local supporters who make a regular financial contribution Your donations will help us grow and achieve our objectives--more art, more togetherness, more inclusion and more Wave Cafe!

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"Remembering Eric Merriman and the joy he brought through his work"

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