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Tourettes Action supports people living with Tourette Syndrome (TS) and their families.

Tourettes Action

Thank you for coming to the donation page to support The TA Tourettes Awareness Campaign 2022. We have has some wonderful artwork created using the voices of the Tourettes community. This artwork aims to show what Tourettes really is. Whilst the majority of people have heard of Tourette Syndrome, many do not really understand what it entails, most thinking that shouting out obscenities is a criteria for diagnosis, when it is not. Tourettes is very often still used as the punchline in jokes and we are not really any further forward than we were 10 years ago. I believe this is due to the lack of awareness around the condition. It is still one of the least know neurodiverse conditions. The media often portrays TS as the swearing condition and the true realities of what it is like to live with the condition are rarely shown. If we were to educate more, be that in schools, workplaces and general advertising we would hopefully eradicate a lot of the misconceptions around TS. We want to get this artwork shown in as many places as possible. Unfortunately advertising costs a huge amount of money, so this is where we are reaching out to you, asking for help. We are hoping to raise a fund with a target of £10000 to enable us to advertise in as many areas as possible. As an example advertising on the back of one bus costs between £200 and £600. We are most grateful for your donation.

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"To support the fantastic work Tourettes Action do. Precon Products Ltd"

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