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Story of St Anthony Child Care

St Antony Lwannunda Nursery is the main project that provides the basis of all the work the Lwannunda Childcare do. The school has 116 pupils and is run on a voluntary basis by daughter and son combination Nanyonga Regina and Katumba Tony. Regina a retired school teacher founded the school after witnessing how poorly prepared students started primary school, regularly having to repeat years. The school aims to provide all round support for both their students and their families. Its does this in a 3 pronged approach, by being the cheapest nursery in Masaka at only £6.29 per term, by offering craft making training and the market to those families that can’t afford the fee’s to help them pay and by increasing the capacity of youth family members through learning agriculture skills. This gives their beneficiary group every opportunity to be able to support their youngest family members through education often being a first in the family. Even with these support programs the school fully sponsors 16 of their current students. They also have an incredible rule if any student loses their parents or guardian and therefore can no longer afford school fee’s they can attend the rest of their remaining years for free!!! Now that’s helping the most vulnerable!! Goals for support of St Anthony = 1. Increase number of nursery pupils by 13% and allow the school to sustainably continue to support 16 students who are fully sponsored by the school and increase by 2 to a total of 18 sponsored students by the end of 2019. 2. Increase number of youth who undergo agriculture training by 89% and those actively who undertake agricultural practices after undergoing training from 15 to 176 youth by the end of 2019. 3. Increase the number of students learning crafts to help pay for school fee’s by 60% by the end of 2019. How you’re fundraising will help us hit those goals = These are huge targets but what is amazing is it’s a simple solution. For £2,100 we can build a fresh water well within the school grounds. Sounds simple but because this school has already been working towards its sustainability this well can boost their already running systems incredibly. The constant supply of water can increase yields and reduce costs at the school farm which currently boasts rabbits, goats, pigs and small agriculture. On top of this the founder Nanyonga Regina has a larger farm just 2km away from the school, the yields of this are what feed all the beneficiaries at every project. In dry seasons the only water available for the farm has been a long walk to the swamp but with the well they will be transport water regularly with the costs subsidised by the local community who also don’t want to undertake the long walk buying water by the jerry can from the school site. All the savings and income generated from the water well totals to £62 a month which covers their modest staffing costs!!

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The object of the CIO is: the prevention or relief of poverty in Uganda by providing: grants, items and services to local charities, projects or other organizations working to prevent or relieve poverty in a sustainable way within the country. The Uganda foundation is able to do this primarily through THE UGANDA MARATHON. The Uganda Marathon is an annual week long adventure race challenge that sets the platform for participants to fund raise for the local community. The event will be starting on the 26th of May 2019 for the Fifth time. Through the efforts of people who take part in the event and fund raise for the local community the foundation is able to keep giving to innovative people seeking to improve their current situation.See other opportunities to help us here. Follow the latest events and trends in the philanthropy space hereCharity Registration No. 1176019

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