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In January I’ll be heading out to Kenya for a few weeks to work with St Jerome’s, a small orphanage based in Nakuru. The home provides food, shelter and education for 33 children aged 6 years +. During my stay, I’ll be mostly teaching English and helping the staff with general duties around the home. For those of you who are unaware, HIV is a huge problem in Kenya. In 2018 there were 1.6m people reported living with HIV. This combined with the lack of access to medical resources, has resulted in over 25,000 AIDs related deaths in 2018 alone. In 2010 this figure was over 64,000. As a result, large numbers of families are torn apart and thousands of children are left homeless. With a lack of social support, many of them turn to the streets and become victims of violence, drugs, and alcohol abuse. But by providing a safe environment and a decent education, St Jerome’s helps these children transform their lives for the better. So, with this in mind, I'm hoping you can help! Two more children have recently moved into the home, and St Jerome’s needs support to help to put these children through secondary school. Without an education, they’re unable to break out of poverty and remain trapped by their circumstances. Before my departure, I’d like to raise £500. This is enough to cover one child’s school fees for a year. In Kenya, this will have a huge impact on a child’s future. I know it's coming up to Christmas and everyone is watching their spending, but if you can make just a small donation I’d be so grateful and it really would go a long way. St Jerome’s is run by volunteers and relies entirely on sponsorships and donations, so it’s people like you that are changing these kids lives. Donate today and help support a child, and the amazing work of the home :) If you have any questions please message me, or you can find out more about St Jerome's Centre over at their website:

The St Jerome's Centre

Help put an orphaned child through secondary school

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