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by Zahid Nawaz

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The Story

I am running the London Vitality 10K on Monday May 2nd to raise funds for a well to provide clean, safe, drinking water, for 5 villages in a remote part of Zambia. We did this successfully 3 years ago with the Butterfly Tree Charity which is funded and staffed by volunteers. If you can spare a few pounds for this project it will help provide clean,safe, water for many years for over 1500 adults and children. All money raised will go to this project.

The Butterfly Tree

The Butterfly Tree, Reg. Number: 1118084;

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Zahid donated £75.00+ £18.75 on 2022/4/29 at 4:10.

"Good for you Zahid and a very worthwhile cause. Everyone on this planet should have access to safe and clean water. "

Andy donated £20.00+ £5.00 on 2022/4/24 at 7:38.

"Very happy to donate to such a good cause. It is too easy to take access to safe water for granted. "

Amanda donated £30.00+ £7.50 on 2022/4/22 at 13:11.

"Good luck Zahid! "

Anonymous donated £10.00+ £2.50 on 2022/4/22 at 8:45.