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Imagine if your whole world changed in a day. Imagine having to leave everything you own and everyone you know. A matter of fact • You may be shocked to learn that 48,000 children require emergency accommodation in the UK each year. • Children fleeing violent situations often have to leave home quickly, without the chance to collect basic items. These children arrive in emergency accommodation with just the clothes they are wearing. • There are over 68,000 children in care in England. Almost 400,000 children received support from children’s services in England during 2015. (Source: NSPCC web site Department of Education 2014) Buddy Bags for Children in Emergency Care We have created Buddy Bag Foundation in response to the rising number of children who enter emergency care after fleeing violent situations at home. Restoring a sense of safety and security into a child’s life during a traumatic time is one of the first steps to recovery. By providing these children with a few essential items, we can help make the transition into emergency care a little easier. To support children in this situation we have created the Buddy Bag to provide comfort when all else has been removed. What is a Buddy Bag? A Buddy Bag is a backpack that contains all the essential items a child needs. They include toiletries, pyjamas, socks and underwear. They also include comfort items such as a book, a photo frame and a teddy bear. A Buddy Bag is something a child can call their own, no matter where they go. Buddy Bags are tailored to suit babies and children according to age groups and gender and cater specifically for children aged 0-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 and 13-16 years old Purpose Our purpose is to provide 20,200 Buddy Bags to children who arrive in emergency accommodation without the essential items they need to help restore a sense of safety and security

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To provide 180 Buddy Bags for children in emergency care. Our Buddy Bags contain 12 essential items that make a real difference to children.

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