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We are being greatly supported by the SUDC community and would like to help raise money to continue this support for others. As this is quite rare, the charity also raise awareness and fund medical research to find out how to stop this. Thank you for your support, Clare, Ben and Jonny


SUDC UK is a registered, national charity dedicated to raising awareness, funding research and supporting families affected by Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood (SUDC).     SUDC is the sudden and unexpected death of a child aged 1-18 years where the cause of death remains unexplained after a thorough investigation. 40 children are affected every year in the UK, more than young child deaths due to traffic accidents, fires or drowning and comparable to 1-2 seemingly healthy children dying every fortnight, often going to sleep and never waking up.   There is limited awareness and research to understand SUDC and currently, no-one can predict or prevent these deaths. They continue to devastate families year on year.    Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood is one of the most under-recognised medical tragedies of our time. Please help us take action to stop children dying without explanation by donating and learning more at   

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