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Hello! We're preparing ourselves to overcome the challenge of Europe's Toughest Mudder 10k obstacle! After much deliberation, we’ve decided to use this event as a way for us to raise money for Starfish Greathearts Foundation, an international development charity which aims to bring life, hope and opportunity to children in southern Africa who have been orphaned or made vulnerable through HIV/AIDS. We believe it is so important for every child to have the opportunity to succeed in life, and Starfish helps support children who may not have had the best start. Due to the AIDS pandemic, there is a generation of children growing up in southern Africa without parental support and relying on increasingly strained communities. These children are extremely vulnerable to abuse, malnutrition, dropping out of education, turning to crime and contracting HIV. Starfish works with community-based organisation to reach these children. Why are we doing this crazy adventure? Well, first off, it's a chance to prove to ourselves that we're capable of way more than we think- mind over matter! Pushing our limits physically and mentally is a surefire way to discover our hidden strengths. Secondly, we're not doing this just for self-fulfilment —this is an amazing opportunity to raise funds and awareness for our chosen charity, Starfish Greathearts Foundation. Your support and generosity will inspire us to go the extra mile to overcome this challenge. Any donation made by you will help us to support Starfish Greathearts foundation. Love Ritvi, Simon & Grant :)

Starfish Greathearts Foundation

Starfish Greathearts Foundation, Reg. Number: 1093862;

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Anonymous donated £20.00+ £5.00 on 2023/9/27 at 14:51.

"Well done Guys"

Zara donated £20.00+ £5.00 on 2023/9/27 at 8:49.

"Great cause. Well done for thinking of raising money for it. "

Rick donated £20.00+ £5.00 on 2023/9/26 at 7:47.

Anonymous donated £20.00+ £5.00 on 2023/9/26 at 7:23.

"Congratulations on smashing this, guys! Sorry it's late <3"

Lilla donated £20.00+ £5.00 on 2023/9/25 at 12:16.

"good luck guys!"

Ria donated £25.00+ £6.25 on 2023/9/22 at 15:22.

"Good luck guys!"

Prasant donated £20.00+ £5.00 on 2023/9/22 at 15:11.