Terry's on the road again!! 312 miles this time

by St Mary's PCC Wivenhoe

Terry's on the road again!!  312 miles this time by St Mary's PCC Wivenhoe cover photo


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Story of Terry's on the road again!! 312 miles this time

Terry is cycling 312 miles (503km) - the distance is part of the Saint Francis Way pilgrimage route on the Roman road from Florence to Rome. Terry will be following virtual roadmaps that follow the trail that Saint Francis walked to meet the Pope in the Vatican. He has now started his ride (10th May) and we hope you will support him by sponsoring his long distance ride.

St Mary's PCC Wivenhoe

The project is now in the construction phase and it is exciting to see the structure slowly taking shape and dreams being fulfilled. It is anticipated that the first community group will be meeting in the Annexe in July 2021. Briefly the Annexe will provide a southern entrance with modern WC facilities including a toilet for less able people and a baby-changing area. The main feature of the Annexe will be the Community Room. This will provide a large multi-purpose area that can seat up to 45 people. Double doors add the flexibility to open the space onto the churchyard. Naturally, a small dedicated kitchen space for food preparation and serving will be available. Finally the existing garden next to the south porch will be re-landscaped to create an attractive exterior social area. I hope that you will support Terry by donating and thus enabling us to achieve our goal,See other opportunities to help us here. Follow the latest events and trends in the philanthropy space hereCharity Registration No. 1165660

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"Just had to support St Mary's very own 'superfit pensioner'! Well done, Terry, and God bless you on your velocipede!"

Andrew donated £15.00+ £3.75 on 2021/5/17 at 14:42.

"Another great effort! Thank you for all your support for St Mary's."

Glyn donated £20.00+ £5.00 on 2021/5/15 at 7:44.

"Fantastic.. good luck"

karen donated £10.00+ £2.50 on 2021/5/11 at 12:3.

"Go for it Terry on the virtual 'Way of St Francis' who was told to re-build God's church. Francis repaired a ruined church and transformed the Church through humility, love and care for the poor. Your cycle ride helps the transformation at St Mary's. Thank you! "

Erwin donated £20.00+ £5.00 on 2021/5/11 at 11:15.

Moira donated £10.00+ £2.50 on 2021/5/11 at 8:53.

"God speed and hope you keep dry!"

Barry donated £20.00+ £5.00 on 2021/5/4 at 18:47.

"Well done and thank you Terry for doing another sponsored Challenge for what I believe will be transformative in the future of St Mary's Church. "

Peter donated £25.00+ £6.25 on 2021/5/3 at 20:1.