Toilet Project for My Father's House Building in Living Water's

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We are raising money to help support the renovation of Transform Beach, which is a new project run by My Father's House in Olinda. The renovations have been taking place over the last few months, to turn an old building into a new usable building, where children and young people in the deprived area can come and have extra school tuition and take part in activities such as Capoeira, dance other practical activities. Such activities give them a safe place to be, learn and develop when it is not possible to have such needs met in their home life.
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Service of Hope is a UK charity trust, offering grants and financial support to those based in the North East of Brazil working with some of the most vulnerable communities in the area. We believe in serving those with less work with local faith based projects and churches offering them grants, enable them to give a helping hand to the communities they are working with. The main project we are currently supporting is called My Fathers House. Based in Olinda, Brazil, they work with families, children and young people at risk and living on the streets. Working closely with the local communities, it provides a boys half-way house for those children and young people who need to be in looked after care, either for their own safety or because of lack of family care. It also provides families work in the local community and has a farm which is used to provide rest and camps for those families who do not have the opportunity or financial means to have a holiday. The project focuses on restoration of the individual, the family and the community. The project is part of a wider ministry within the Anglican church, Agua Viva (Living Waters) which is based on a shanty town next to where the old (now closed) rubbish dump use to be. Working closely with the church, the surrounding community and the local judge, the project provides a safe place for those boys at risk of homelessness or vulnerable to gang activity.Charity Registration No. 1073255


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