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RSVP provides FREE sanitary pads to young girls in Rwanda. Millions of women around the world cannot afford sanitary towels. They resort to an older and cheaper alternative – a piece of cloth or rag. This is an unhygienic alternative and can cause vaginal infections, skin irritations and embarrassing stains in public. Young girls in Africa are put in danger through lack of sanitary towels. Some turn to prostitution to get money to buy sanitary towels. Others use a piece of rag that can cause infection. Others are absent from school when having periods, losing education. By providing FREE sanitary pads, RSVP helps girls avoid embarrassing and dangerous situations, allowing them to focus on their schooling without taking days off each month during their period.
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Share good news - teach disciples - help the poor RSVP works in the UK and Africa, specifically in Rwanda and Uganda. Our projects include: Child Sponsorship, Medical Insurance, food and bedding program, helping women exit the sex trade, sewing project, sanitary pad project, home for orphaned children, speaking in churches and events across the UK and Rwanda.Charity Registration No. 1093860


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