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We’re approaching that most wonderful time of the year again. A time where many fond memories of spending time with loved ones in the warmth and comfort of our homes will be created. That couldn’t be further from the truth for the 320,000 people that are homeless across the country. That won’t be possible for the more than 8,000 homeless people and the increasing number of rough sleepers in London, with the majority of them being from the borough of Newham. The harsh reality is that every day there are people struggling to get by, that don’t have a place to call home and even have to resort to sleeping on the streets. The freezing streets of Britain that are only expected to be colder this year than they have been for 10 years. For many, a pair of socks and a hat could be the difference between life and death this winter. Our team have visited the old Stratford Centre, a place on our doorstep where many rough sleepers can be found. On any night approximately 110-120 people are homeless and sleeping rough in and around the centre, without the most basic items needed to survive. Many of these people sleep on the floor, barefoot and without the luxury of cardboard boxes giving them at least some comfort. This winter, due to a new shelter being opened in Newham, 95 people are using the centre for shelter as they have no where else to go. We will be raising money over the next few weeks for these people, so that we can provide them with winter relief survival packs. Each of these packs will contain the following essential items: • Sleeping bags • Survival bags • Warm thermal gloves • Thermal socks • Thermal hats With less than what you spend on lunch every week or even in a day, you could help us in our mission to support vulnerable homeless people this winter. Your donations could be the reason why a rough sleeper in our area is able to make it through this winter. Please do support our campaign in as many ways as you can, even sharing details of our project with your friends and family. We may not be able to stop homelessness but together we could help save lives. This project has a 100% donation policy. This project is being led by Ribaat Outreach and supported by Mamas & Papas Stratford and JD Outdoor Groups; GO Outdoors, Blacks, Ultimate Outdoors, and in particular, Millets.

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