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Quba Trust's program's have been designed with this beautiful act of giving in mind. The unique and sustainable projects we have created across the world give us all the option to make a difference to the lives of people for years to come, ensuring that we also join in the benefit of ongoing reward. If you want to give a truly meaningful gift to your loved ones, give a gift that keeps on giving. We have an amazing range of Sadaqah Jariyah gifts, which you can find here. You can give Sadaqa Jariya for as little as £10 for an olive tree, as they can continue to grow for hundreds of years, helping families for generations to come. Or, you could create a sustainable small business through our Beekeeping Starter Pack and Honey Production Kit for £200. How about giving the gift of ongoing learning and education for hundreds of children, by funding a School Library for £3,000? Sadaqah Jariyah gifts are some of the most meaningful gifts in the world, which can provide ongoing blessings for you and for developing communities, as they continue to transform lives for decades to come.

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Sadaqah Jariyah is a blessed form of charity that offers us ongoing rewards throughout our lives in this world, as well as in the Hereafter.

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