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The Story

The natural environment is a gift of nature and we need to conserve it for the benefit of life in the future. For healthy living: To have a healthy life one needs fresh air (free of pollution), clean water supply and tidy surroundings. If air and water are polluted and surroundings are filthy, then we are prone to fatal health disorders. So we need to safeguard the environment in terms of pollution and disposal of garbage. Better breath: All living things breathe air for survival. The air mostly composes of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases. Of them, oxygen is the key for the body as it helps in the generation of energy from the food consumed with the help of mitochondria. So fresh air is an important component in the importance of the environment which has to be kept pollution free. Better water: Water comprises nearly 80% of total body mass. It is the medium for all the reaction and physiological processes in the body. If the very water is contaminated by filth or toxins or even disease-causing microbes like bacteria, then that water is a great risk to drink. Better rainfall: Rainfall is one of the steps of the water cycle on the earth. Without rainfall, there will be no water on the earth (other than sea water which is unfit to drink). This rainfall depends on trees and green vegetation around to shower as the clouds need to be cooled to form droplets. The presence of plants, trees and greenery is essential in the environment for rainfall, fresh air and water. Better soil: Soil is the other components of the environment. The soil is useful for the growth of plants which are again a source of food to the animals around. This soil top layer is suitable for plant growth and seed germination. Further, it is a great natural resource for many medicines, metals, chemicals, etc. So we need to conserve soil for a better environment.

Quba Trust

The Prophet was keen on planting trees and exhorted his Companions, too, to do so. He said, “Whoever plants a tree and diligently looks after it until it matures and bears fruit is rewarded” (Source: Musnad). This saying is sufficient to apprise us of the eco-friendly nature of Islam.

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