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Summary As you know there is nothing as valuable in life as education. NGO Africa Association, feeds, clothes the orphans, abandoned and the poor, but goes deeper to provide quality education to enable them to become whole people in the society. Currently we are educating 500 children, Baby class - class 8 and 14 are joining high school this year. Our goal is to empower and equip these children to break the cycle of poverty. Get involved and let’s experience the change together. Challenge Hundreds of thousands of families in rural northern Cameroon that have lost breadwinners to HIV/AIDS, terrorist attack of Boko Haram, are stuck in systemic poverty cycles where children lack access to healthcare, education, food and shelter. NGO Africa Association fights poverty by empowering these children, through free, quality education, healthcare, and basic needs. Solution The sponsorship program ensures consistent support to enable these orphaned and needy children to go to school, providing school uniforms, materials, stationery, food, and medical care. Our sponsors have an opportunity to communicate with their children directly through letter writing and pictures. Long-Term Impact We will educate over 500 vulnerable orphans and 200 needy and abandoned children, who cannot afford an education at the primary and secondary level so as to reduce systemic poverty in their families by creating community-focused businesses, jobs, and social institutions.

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