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The Story

MXTV started out in the USA in 1997. MXTV paints a new picture of evangelism by using technology to broaden the palette for today’s young person to connect with God. MXTV is spoken in a language and set in a cultural context that today’s youth recognize as their own. MXTV is a TV show. It’s the original voice in young evangelistic-multimedia. MXTV creatively represents God’s Word to the world through television, music, film, and internet. The passion is that this media generation encounters God, resulting in their salvation. Young people want real acceptance, but don’t know where to find it. Craving authenticity, yet enticed by a digital world. We’ve created a culturally relevant TV show that offers real hope. Viewer’s lives change when they encounter Jesus, realising that they have been accepted all along. Producing 200 episodes during 20 years of continuous television broadcast, MXTV currently reaches a weekly potential audience over a billion people. Programming to 23 broadcasters in 6 languages (Chinese, Korean, Russia, Ukrainian, Indonesian, & Dutch), MXTV ends each episode with an opportunity to respond to the Gospel. This commitment makes MXTV unique. In our commitment to being culturally relevant to the youth of today, we want to make MXTV indigenous to the UK and rest of Europe. Enter MXTV Europe. We have already produced 4 episodes for MXTV UK and they will go live on television in February 2018. We need your support to continue producing more episodes in the UK and for our European audience. Starting in February 2018 we plan to produce 10 more episodes which would be completed by the end of the year in December 2018. Our proposed annual budget is given on the next page. We measure our success by how many young people engage with our mission partner, Global Media Outreach, who has led thousands of people to Christ every day through phone calls and emails, and without organisations like MXTV, they would not be reaching so many. We also gauge our success by how many hits we receive on our website and people we engage through social media, not to forget how many satellite television broadcasters air our show around the world.

MXTV Europe

In January 2018 we have gained charitable status MXTV Europe Charity Register No.1176532. We endeavour to measure our financial success through our fundraisers and increasing our personal and private donations each year.

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