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REACH usually organise meetings throughout the year which are available to all children and their families across the UK and Ireland. They are invaluable for our children with an upper limb difference and their families as an opportunity for the children to mix with others who share the same differences and for their parents to seek support, advice and understanding of this complex subject. The activities for this spring/summer will have to be cancelled. We would like to hold a national Family Weekend at the end of October, hoping to bring together over 300 members. This would give our members hope and an opportunity to focus on a positive event. We will do a programme of events to include talks from academic speakers and research institute scientists, prosthetic companies to showcase their latest products, young adult REACH members, celebrities (Briony May from Bake Off) and Paralympians (Lauren Steadman, Claire Cashmore) to share experiences and inspire our young members. We would also like to set up workshops and trips to Manchester's highlights for the families. And then a disco run by some of our members to end the night.


To promote the relief of children with upper limb differences. REACH is the leading children’s charity providing support and information to children affected by upper limb deficiency. We see the potential in all Reach children and celebrate their ability, never focusing on disability. Reach is… supportive. We recognise that different families want different levels of support, and we tailor our approach to suit them. We are there to provide resources, support and practical advice; whatever our families tell us they need. Reach is… inspiring. Our members are amazing and we shout about their achievements whenever we can. We share success stories and hero those ‘wow’ moments, big and small, to show families just how much our incredible children are capable of. Reach is… community. Connecting families is a vital part of Reach’s work and the bonds this creates is priceless. Whether it’s at our family weekend, branch meetings or on our Facebook forum, we help members to build relationships that last a lifetime. Help us to support families and children, whatever their upper limb problem may be. We give children a range of physical activities they may not otherwise be able to try. We provide support from birth to age 25, helping children and young people. When people are faced with difficult news or challenges in their children’s lives, they need a charity that speaks to them in a tone that resonates with them. We need to be the friend who understands what they’re going through, the voice that reassures them and the supporter who helps them see the brighter side of life in testing times. We work with both families with children born missing part of one of both arms and hands, and families where children lose limbs or the use of a limb due to traumatic accidents and illness. We have a programme of activity and equipment loan to offer a wider choice to all children and families affected by upper limb conditions across the UK. We will work closely with our Reach Ambassadors and members who have become Paralympic athletes, musicians and high achievers in other fields as inspiration to the children and young people we help now.See other opportunities to help us here. Follow the latest events and trends in the philanthropy space hereCharity Registration No. 1134544

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