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All prices are per year and including VAT. KindLink CSR in a Box includes: * Step-by-step guide on how to build your CSR strategy - a streamlined, actionable plan that we have put together with the help of our top corporate clients and collaborators. * Ready-to-go CSR policy template - our simple, easy-to-use document helping you convey your company CSR guidelines to your employees, clients and suppliers. * Company branded online CSR page for your business to promote your efforts. * One hour tailored consultation to help set up your CSR - Our CSR experts will work with your team to help you further develop your CSR management capabilities on the KindLink platform. * Access to the KindLink community and volunteering marketplace (to boost your CSR engagement and marketing) - Get in touch with charities doing good work in your sector or in your geographical area and engage your team to help the communities benefitting from their support. * The KindLink CSR Compliance Badge - get our official stamp of approval after demonstrating a commitment to your CSR strategy.
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KindLink the world’s first free social media and fundraising platform for donors and transparent charities. In a social media-like environment, we create a kind-link between those who want to help and those in need.Charity Registration No. SOCIAL_ENTERPRISE