Key's Big Sponsored Sleep Out 2023

by Key Unlocking Futures

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The Story

I'm supporting Key's Big Sponsored Sleep out by sleeping outdoors for one night in my sleeping bag. I want to help them raise some much needed funds but also shine a spotlight on this important cause. Key helps young people experiencing homelessness and works with families to prevent homelessness. Please sponsor me if you can.

Key Unlocking Futures

Hi - since changing jobs to work at the Progress Housing Group last year, I've become much more aware of the difficulties people face around housing and homelessness. In order to do my little bit to raise awareness, I am raising money for KEY'S BIG SPONSORED SLEEP OUT. On Friday 12th May, I will be sleeping outdoors in my sleeping bag raising much needed funds for this amazing charity, alongside other people all trying to do the same. Whilst it obviously is only one night, and I am lucky enough to have a nice warm house and comfy bed to go home to the next day, it's an opportunity for likeminded people to offer support. Key helps people who are going through tough times to get back on their feet. This event will shine a spotlight on homelessness whilst helping Key fund their services including helping people experiencing homelessness. If you could sponsor me with any amount at all, it would be much appreciated and will really help towards this very worthy cause in such difficult times. Please remember to Gift Aid as this will add an extra 25% of your donation. Thank you!! Alison

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