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The Joseph Centre is very close to the Mwakirunge Garbage Dump which is home to many mothers and their children. The centre is currently working with 12 of these mums, teaching them literacy skills (most cannot read or write), and sewing and crocheting skills. The aim of the centre is to enable these mums to become independent women who can move from the garbage dump into homes along with their children. Gap Kenya provides uniforms, books and any necessary fees for their children to attend school and currently over 20 children are now in education. Our current centre has only one large room along with a small office and kitchen. We rely on the covered teaching areas outside for more space, and had a small play den built for the under 4's to play in, however, the play den was destroyed by the rains earlier this month and can no longer be used. During the rainy season (April through to July - sometimes longer), there is not enough room in the building for the mothers or their children. We need to build a purpose built centre which will adequately cater for all that we do. We have begun this building fund to raise money to buy an acre of land and build a purpose built Joseph Centre which will cater for needs of the mums and their children. We also believe the £18000 we are trying to raise will also allow us to build 6 rooms for the mums and children to live in, as well as enabling the charity to grow crops and have livestock. We are asking people to raise this amount by purchasing a 'stone' which can be used to build the new centre and we need just 900 stones to be purchased at £20 per stone to reach our target. Will you help us? Your support will change the lives of mothers and their children NOW, and will save the grandchildren from ever having to live a life amidst the garbage, scavenging and eating food which is rotten and mouldy. Please check out our website for more information about the Joseph Centre and the way it is changing lives.
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Gap Kenya rescues children from the streets/dump sites of Mombasa providing Family Homes where they are loved and cared for by nurture parents who live with up to 8 children. The charity also pays for the children to be educated in local schools. We also run a drop in centre - Stepping Stones. Street children attend on a 'day care' basis with 2 meals, a shower, facilities to wash clothes, basic teaching in literacy, spiritual, moral and social guidance and recreational facilities provided. On the streets, children have complete freedom and some prefer this life to one with discipline. By visiting children regularly on the streets, we encourage them to move from street life to social inclusion via Stepping Stones and ultimately our Family Homes and support them throughout this transition. Once a week we visit the main municipal garbage dump for Mombasa and give bread and fruit juice to the adults and children who live amongst the rubbish and scavenge for food there. The Joseph Centre is located very near to this dump site and is currently working with 12 mothers and their children. The mothers are being taught literacy alongside sewing and crocheting skills to empower them to live independently away from the dump site. The children are sent to school, any fees plus uniforms and books being provided by Gap Kenya. As a Christian Organisation, we show the children their value and worth in Gods' eyes and allow them to see His love in their lives.Charity Registration No. 1111373


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