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Now the building is pretty much finished and while we work on getting the shelving installed and the books on the shelves, we need to think about running the library. We have monthly outgoings - water, light, heating, insurance etc - which we need to pay for. Currently we have no income as we can't hire the place out due to Covid-19. So we need to ask for your support. Reliable regular income is important to us, so a recurring monthly donation, even of £2.00, is worth a lot to us. More, probably, than a larger, one-off donation. If you can commit to a regular donation, it would mean the world to us. And if you're a UK tax payer, we get to reclaim gift aid, meaning that your £2 per month could be worth £2.50 to us. Please, sign up if you can. If 200 people in Cricklewood agreed to give £2.00 per month, we would cover most of our current operating costs, and be freed up to concentrate on improvements and library services.

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Anonymous donated £2.00+ £0.50 on 2024/4/23 at 1:46.

Annie donated £2.00+ £0.50 on 2024/4/19 at 1:45.

"Thank you! We love the library and happy you are so close to our house!"

Lara donated £10.00+ £2.50 on 2024/4/14 at 1:45.

Anonymous donated £2.00+ £0.50 on 2024/4/13 at 1:45.

"To help with Library expenses from Dick and Buggsie"

Dick donated £5.00+ £1.25 on 2024/4/12 at 1:45.