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Alhamdulillah! 1000s praying everyday, 1000s learning Quran everyday, 1000s being taught about Islam everyday, 100s benefiting every day....That's a lot of Sadaqah Jaariyah InshaAllah! We have agreed on terms for the purchase of a new building for £500,000. The building is situated next to our existing nursery and high school building. The total size of both sites will be 10,000m2 mashallah! The two buildings will be used for: Expansion of Al-Ikhlaas Primary School Girls High School Boys High School Nursery Prayer Facilities Quran and Arabic Classes Community Centre Youth Centre Library Dawa Centre, Training Homework Clubs Help us to raise 500,000, May Allah Bless you! For more details visit: fountainsofknowledge.com

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