Beth's Everest Base Camp Trek 2019

by EmbraceAbility

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Story of Beth's Everest Base Camp Trek 2019

This November, I will embark on an incredible journey with a wicked group of people to climb to the base camp of Mount Everest - all in aid of a charity called EmbraceAbility. As a group, our fundraising target is between £15 - £20K and if we hit that figure, the money we collectively raise will be able to fund the vital work that EmbraceAbility do to help children with disabilities and their families in Cambodia for an entire year – something which is incredibly motivational. My personal fundraising target is £2000, and across the next six months I will be putting on an array of fundraising events which I’ll excitedly share with you very soon. But, in the meantime, it would be greatly appreciated if you could donate some money towards our cause, and if you have any questions about what we’re doing please drop me a message.


EmbraceAbility is a new NGO based on Koh Dach island, Cambodia. EmbraceAbility has developed a range of services to protect and empower children with disabilities and their families to improve the quality of their lives. EmbraceAbility’s mission is to provide therapy, care and support to children with disabilities and their families in Cambodia, while fostering inclusive communities through education and the promotion of disability rights. All programmes are based on findings from extensive research and working closely with the local community, identifying those most in need and establishing a clear and concise implementation plan. We work directly with local families, commune councils, commune councils for women and children and communities across a range of project areas. EmbraceAbility services include: the provision of childcare centres for children with disabilities, rehabilitation and education, community support programmes, training for local therapists and campaigning for disabled people's rights.See other opportunities to help us here. Follow the latest events and trends in the philanthropy space hereCharity Registration No. 1173877

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"Congrats you hiking superstar! Sorry it has taken me so long to get round to donating, looking forward to hearing about the trip next time you're in Surreh xxx"

Suzie donated £50.00+ £12.50 on 2019/12/3 at 15:37.

"Well done Beth. What an achievement. Safe journey home. "

Christine donated £30.00+ £7.50 on 2019/11/19 at 21:51.

Alex donated £20.00+ £5.00 on 2019/11/17 at 22:3.

"Congratulations!! You brilliant women you! Hope you’re not too exhausted xxxx"

Sophie donated £20.00+ £5.00 on 2019/11/17 at 19:6.

"Well done Beth . Tremendous achievement. Great cause."

Joy donated £50.00+ £12.50 on 2019/11/16 at 17:8.

"Amazing, well done chica! Hope you’re not too exhausted and have a well deserved rest! 😘"

Charlotte donated £25.00+ £6.25 on 2019/11/14 at 12:24.

"You’ve only gone and done it ❤️ Incredible. "

Kate donated £10.00+ £2.50 on 2019/11/14 at 12:22.