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Code Your Future is a 3-year old organisation training some of the most underprivileged people in society across the UK — refugees, minorities, people living below the poverty line — and supports them to achieve a life-changing career as developers. Our 8-month part-time program offers the opportunity to experts from the digital sector to create tangible impact into people’s lives. Most of our graduates have stories of incredible resilience and will bring a unique perspective of ethnic and social diversity to the workforce of companies. Over 70% of eligible graduates have found employment in companies like the Financial Times,, BBC, Capgemini, PA Consulting, Comic Relief and Ticketmaster.

Code Your Future

Dmitri is running a JavaScript / TypeScript / React office hours. Book a 10 min slot to get your code problem fixed. Can be your side project project, commercial work. All free of charge, just a voluntary donation to CodeYourFuture

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"CodeYourFuture is such a good enterprise. Would like to get involved at some point too."

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