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I'm Sammy the Seal, celebrated River Tawe resident and Official Spokesperson for City of Swansea Rowing Club's Million Metre Day, which will be held on Sunday 6th October 2019. Over the course of 24 hours, club members and supporters will cover a combined total of 1000 kilometres (that's a million metres to you!) by a variety of self-propelled means - rowing, cycling, walking, running and erg machines. It's a huge challenge but we're confident we can reach our goal, and in the process raise much-needed funds towards some new boats for the club. Entry is open to anyone and can be secured by submitting the £10 entry fee through the Donation Button on this page - with Gift Aid added, the club will reclaim an extra £2.50 from HMRC. If you can't do the hard yards yourself, please give generously through this page and come down to the club during the day to lend your support. Starting and finishing at CSRC's base in Swansea Marina we have the beautiful Swansea Bay at our disposal. You could row up the river to the Liberty Stadium and back to cover 5000 metres (8 rowers and a cox would make that 45000!) How about walking, running or riding a bike along the seafront to Mumbles Pier and back - that's about 18000 metres. Or maybe an erg (rowing machine) challenge. It's a killer, this one - could you manage 10,000 metres? Can you row, walk, run, cycle and erg to do the Grand Slam? There will be prizes and utmost respect for competitors who cover maximum distances, as well as a prize of the oldest and youngest contributors.

City of Swansea Rowing Club

City of Swansea Rowing Club is a Community Amateur Sports Club based in South Wales, a group of dedicated, fun-loving rowers of all ages and abilities. With a strong history of developing top class rowing talent, we are also proud to provide an introduction to this wonderful sport to members whose aspirations are more modest. We're a very inclusive club, historically run on a shoestring budget. Rowing can be perceived as an elite sport, but that's not true at Swansea. Our membership fees are set deliberately low (particularly compared to some of our higher profile neighbours) so that rowing is affordable for all members of our community. Our most illustrious member, Ben Pritchard, holds a current World Record for adaptive rowing. He recently won a Bronze Medal at his first World Cup event in Poznan, and is targeting a place at the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo. bbc.co.uk/sport/disability-sport/48760740 We're now celebrating our great club's 25th anniversary with an exciting programme of social and fundraising events, as we really need to buy some new boats to help us to develop our rowers more effectively. In the longer term, we're hoping to replace our old shipping containers with a new riverside boathouse.See other opportunities to help us here. Follow the latest events and trends in the philanthropy space hereCharity Registration No. CH11357

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