Knights Brown & Tony Gee: Providing Safe Access for Uganda in 2019

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Would you cross a tree trunk over a river to access critical resources like health care, education, and employment? Sadly, many people living in rural locations in Uganda do not have a choice. That’s why we are sending a team of 10 Engineers from Tony Gee and Knights Brown, in partnership with Bridges to Prosperity, out to Uganda to construct a suspended bridge that will provide a vital connection between communities. Bridges to Prosperity are a non-profit organisation that envisage a world where poverty caused by rural isolation no longer exists. Last year, the B2P industry partners built 20 bridges that serve over 50,000 community members. In building those 20 bridges, the organisation has now reached over one million people. Over one million people have access to opportunities they can count on. With just one bridge we can leverage local talent and resources to strengthen the impact of all services being provided to a rural community. We are looking to raise £15,000 to cover materials, tools, labour, flights and accommodation. We would massively appreciate any contribution you can make towards the project. Thank you and please help us spread the word! :)
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Bridges to Prosperity UK Charitable Trust

Bridges to Prosperity envisions a world where poverty caused by rural isolation no longer exists. Rural isolation is a root cause of poverty, and we believe that connection is the foundation to opportunity. We work with local communities, partners and foundations, to build footbridges that connect residents to education, health care and economic opportunity. With a sophisticated data collection and evaluation program, we’re able to prove that the value and impact of our work is sustained long after the opening celebration. We have built over 300 footbridges serving over one million individuals to date, and are well on our way to reaching our next million.Charity Registration No. 1160342


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