Blue Dragon's Emergency Appeal 2020


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Story of Blue Dragon's Emergency Appeal 2020

Coronavirus has forced children and families into hunger and homelessness. Women are trapped in slavery, unable to escape. You can provide immediate aid to children, women and families who are hungry and in danger – and get them on a path to safety. Here’s how far your money will go: • Your $15 will feed a whole family for a week • Your $30 will give a trafficking survivor an 'essential needs' pack after being rescued • Your $50 will provide a street child with safe accommodation and healthcare • Your $100 will provide emergency care support for a whole family in crisis Your donation to this appeal will not only rescue and care for victims of human trafficking, street children, and other young people through this pandemic. Your gift will help heal and rebuild lives in the many months of recovery that follow. YOU ARE PART OF THE SOLUTION!


The cio is established for the public benefit to relieve those who are vulnerable and in need by reason of youth, poverty or other social and economic disadvantage in any part of the world but primarily in vietnam and in south east asia generally by: 0001 (a) providing a safe environment, legal and other support, guidance, healthcare, food and any education or training, which may include vocational training, necessary to alleviate a vulnerable child's or young person's needs; (b) providing children living on the street or out of their familial homes with suitable accommodation; (c) providing financial and other assistance to the immediate families of children and young people who require assistance or have been assisted in accordance with paragraphs a and b above; (d) supporting the work of blue dragon children's foundation international and cooperating and liaising with other entities with similar objectives to raise funds and/or promote awareness of the cio and the objects of the cio.See other opportunities to help us here. Follow the latest events and trends in the philanthropy space hereCharity Registration No. 1165180

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Penelope donated £10.00+ £2.50 on 2020/7/25 at 3:56.

Penelope donated £10.00+ £2.50 on 2020/6/25 at 9:37.

Robert donated £50.00+ £12.50 on 2020/5/22 at 15:38.

"Thanks for helping the poor "

Khue donated £50.00+ £12.50 on 2020/5/19 at 21:59.

Anonymous donated £100.00+ £25.00 on 2020/5/14 at 15:26.

"Keep up the fantastic work. Hope you and all at Blue Dragon are well. "

Nicholas donated £100.00+ £25.00 on 2020/5/11 at 9:2.

Vicky donated £50.00+ £12.50 on 2020/5/7 at 7:4.