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Support needy children to achieve their dreams. By contributing towards a new school building in the Dedza District, in Malawi, Africa. With your support, the girls can gain hope and a brighter future. They will need expert and quality crafted builders, more local labours, building materials, tools, transportation, Landscaping equipment, fixtures and fittings. As well as furniture, equipment, etc, etc...


AOS raise awareness of domestic violence/abuse, with support, rehabilitation, advocacy & training for women in England. In Malawi, a School is pursued for girls rescued from early marriages. We pay for School fees, bicycles and amenities for students. To empower women and girls in Zimbabwe and Zambia with Sewing-Machines, Hairdressing, Sanitary Pads, Food Hampers, Survival Kits. Provide Solar Lights for Maternity Wards and give support to female health and wellbeing. AOS UK supports for the relief and empowerment of ethnic minority women and children and other women and children who are survivors of gender-based violence and abuse, including orphans and widows by the conduct of charitable operations, including the provision and promotion of refuge, education, health, physical infrastructure, social development and income-generating activities. Provide training to people working with domestic violence and abuse victim-survivors or those who are potentially vulnerable to gender-based violence and abuse. Raise awareness of domestic violence and abuse. Advocate and promote the equality of women and children.See other opportunities to help us here. Follow the latest events and trends in the philanthropy space hereCharity Registration No. 1182219

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